Knowledge articles to inspire women in their diverse functions in the business and the family.

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PSYCHOLOGY: Emotions in the Family Business

When a family owns and even runs a business together, it is usually concerned very much with the same things other business owners are too. How to grow, how to keep the competition at bay, how to finance the next step, these are the things that dominate the day-to-day. However, […]

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Gender and the Family Business: The Age of Opportunity?

By Maya Prabhu, Managing Director, Coutts Institute One of the most significant trends in family businesses the world over is the increased prominence of women into more public and visible roles in the company. Historically, women in family business have had to conform to take less visible roles largely due to […]

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Women and Family Business are Good for One Another

Family businesses are often more socially conscious than their non-family business counterparts. They are more likely to hire people and less likely to lay them off, more likely to support their communities, and far more likely to be concerned with the long-term health of their communities. And they are not […]

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All The Things You Thought You Knew

Core Concepts in Family Enterprise It’s hard to believe that although family enterprises go back for forever, the field itself is less than 30 years old! And the related professions are even younger. Still…there’s been considerable knowledge created thanks to scholars, advisors, consultants and enterprise members around the world. And… […]