Advice for women who are part of family-owned businesses and play important visible and invisible roles.

Mentorship and Advisory Boards – Who is on Your List of Trusted Advisors?

Mentorship and Advisory Boards – Who is on Your List of Trusted Advisors?

At one point or another, every successful entrepreneurial business will grow to include not only strategic partners but also valued employees. To support the continued success of the business during this time of growth, leaders may begin to seek advice from influencers outside of their regular network, often in the form of an advisory board. Developing an […]

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Encouraging Mindfulness for a More Inclusive Workplace

In today’s technologically advanced and highly distracted world, we have more information available to us than ever before. While this increase in knowledge can be a great advantage, a level of mindfulness is required to let go of past experiences and expectations for the future in order to be fully […]

Dealing with Toxic Relationships in the Workplace

Dealing with Toxic Relationships in the Workplace

Throughout our life, we all inevitably meet someone we don’t get along with. In our private life, we can simply avoid these individuals. However, when toxic relationships seep into the workplace, the situation can become detrimental to the business as a whole. The workplace setting magnifies the details of our […]

How to Find Clarity and the Courage to Speak Out

How to Find Clarity and the Courage to Speak Out

As a family business member, it can sometimes be challenging to find the courage to stand up for what you believe. However, it can be just as complicated to walk away from a difficult situation. Being brave means more than just having the courage to speak your mind. It means […]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Episodes of tension between family members are normal and quite common in a family business. However, when stress reaches a certain level, it may be a sign that it’s time to move on. The decision to leave is loaded with emotional baggage, but creating a dialogue that is free of […]

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Driving a Family Business with Passion and Ambition

Passion and ambition are inextricably intertwined. Passion, our internal drive, is the force that guides our ambition and leads us to meet our goals. These two components are essential for a thriving family business. However, family members must be able to find their own passions and ambitions not only in […]

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Making Room for Love and Emotions in the Family Business

Every family business has a foundation of love and values passed on from generation to generation. However, love alone cannot resolve the issues that will inevitably arise from time to time. Family businesses also need to establish governance frameworks and a shared vision. Women can use their empathy and deep […]

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Leveraging Empathy in the Introduction of New Technologies

Introducing new technology into the family business is not an easy process but one that all businesses have to initiate sooner or later. With their strong empathy and communication skills, women have the ability to facilitate the process and lead the fourth Industrial Revolution. The key to an inclusive and […]

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How To Approach Finance Without Fears in the Family Business

Finance is a delicate topic that can sometimes lead to emotionally charged discussions, especially within family businesses. Obtaining access to finance-related information and understanding the information provided are two aspects that can give rise to fears. However, financial literacy, transparency and a bit of planning can go a long way […]

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Evolving Roles and Finding Your Identity in the Family Business

Defining the role of each family member within a family business is rarely a straightforward process. Identity evolves with time, and roles can be reverse-engineered and adapted based on the person’s skills, interests and, sometimes, the needs of the business. Understanding one’s own motives is a crucial first step towards […]