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The Importance of Establishing a Personal Support System

The Importance of Establishing a Personal Support System

While working in a family business brings its own difficulties, the women who make up the various roles within each enterprise face unique daily challenges that require practical championing. There are many aspects within the workplace that women cannot control. However, they can proactively create an inclusive community to combat […]

The Sensitive Topic of Power

The Sensitive Topic of Power

Many people today are discussing the subject of succession and, more specifically, rising female leadership. Both areas include multiple moving parts. However, one word that contributes to the discussion requires white gloves more than any other – power. There are several reasons why we, as a society and as individuals, […]

Daughters Changing the Conversation About Succession

Daughters Changing the Conversation About Succession

After being traditionally excluded from the succession process, women’s role within the family business is finally changing. This shifting trend coincides with the leadership transition from Baby Boomers to younger generations. The fundamental, generational difference in attitude about gender is helping to fuel this progress; however, as Professor Francesca Maria […]

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The Outstanding Value of Family Businesses

Insights from Hussein Shobokshi, Director of SHOBOKSHi Development and Trading The history of family businesses in the Arab world has been a turbulent one. Bearing incredible success stories as well as human tragedies, Arab family businesses have lived through all kinds of socio-economic changes. Challenges with new government policies, as […]

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Financing Growth in Family Businesses

As we move past the financial crisis, the global economy has become thirsty for growth. While the BRIC countries escaped relatively unscathed and have been enjoying buoyant growth, the economic picture in Eastern Europe and the Middle East has become polarised: businesses are either flourishing or continuing to suffer. Western […]

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Succession Deconstructed

Managing succession is one of the greatest challenges businesses face. By realising that it is a topic where the subjective perception trumps objectivity, and by accepting that there is no one right answer, family businesses can approach the issue with more structure, before it becomes a matter of urgency. Splitting […]

HR Systems in the Family Business

HR Systems in the Family Business

The Nuqul Group is one of the largest family-owned company in Jordan and the Middle East and has just celebrated its 60th anniversary. A business family is often mentioned in relation to its external achievements such as the establishment of brands, acquisitions, mergers, projects, and community involvement. Undoubtedly, however, when […]

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Managing Family and Non-family Employees

A dialogue between Amy Schuman and Dr. Stephen McClure What happens when you put two family business experts into one room? We have tested it with family business consultants and authors Amy Schuman and Dr. Stephen McClure from The Family Business Consulting Group, USA. Providing us with deeper insights than […]

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How A Focus on Sustainability is an Investment in Value Creation

Sustainability could be considered to be the alignment of the business within the market and environment in which it operates to maintain strategic flexibility and increase business longevity. This article by Edward Nicholson, Managing Partner at Mercator Partnership Limited, and Consultant to Maitland Group, demonstrates how businesses can incorporate sustainability […]