The Conversation on Women in Family Business

WiFB is a global initiative that offers an opportunity to women from all over the world to share their thoughts on matters relating to the family enterprise and sustainable business practices, connect with their peers and contribute to the creation of a strong community.

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Regular collaborators include:

LiquidGold Consultants: Susanne Bransgrove, one of the directors of LiquidGold Consultants, is known for her passion for supporting families in business manage the complexities of balancing multiple generations and for encouraging female founders and future leaders to be the best they can be.

Daughters in Charge: Daughters in Charge focuses exclusively on supporting women in family businesses, and is led by Amy Katz, an executive coach and social psychologist.  She is the author of Daughters in Charge: Learning to Lead in Your Family’s Business. 

Female Focus: Female Focus is an exclusive international network enabling professional women to meet from, share experiences and build business relationships whilst engaging in interactive experiences. Female Focus was established by Vaishali Shah at Minerva Trust & Corporate Services Limited.