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In celebration of International Women’s Day, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the collective wisdom and insights of women in the sphere of family enterprises. To honour the occasion, we’ve curated a list of 14 books that not only underscore the incredible strides women have made in the family business world but also address the crucial need for more resources and larger platforms to elevate their thought leadership and contributions. Each book serves as a testament to their impact and a resource to inspire further growth and recognition of women’s roles in shaping the legacy and future of family businesses.


1. Women Entrepreneurship in Family Business

By Routledge Frontiers of Business Management

This volume delves into the emergence and impact of female-run businesses, discussing the growth of female entrepreneurship within family businesses from both theoretical and practical viewpoints.

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2. Women in Family Business: What Keeps You up at Night?

By Patricia M. Annino J.D. (Author), Thomas D. Davidow Ed.D (Author), Cynthia Adams Harrison Ed.D (Author)

The book unpacks the emotional and practical challenges faced by women in family-owned businesses, covering topics from succession planning to interpersonal dynamics, with expert advice for navigating these waters.

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3. Finding Her Voice and Creating a Legacy: Portraits of Pioneering Women Leading Wealthy Families

by Amy Hart Clyne (Author), Dennis T. Jaffe (Author)

This narrative captures the ascent of women to pivotal roles in wealthy families, addressing the evolution of their influence amidst traditional constraints and societal changes.

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4. The Power of Inclusion in Family Business

by Rosa Nelly Trevinyo-Rodríguez (Editor), Miguel Ángel Gallo (Editor)

It’s a strategic guide aimed at empowering the inclusion of women in family business leadership, enhancing their roles in management, governance, and ownership.

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5. Women, Family and Family Businesses Across Entrepreneurial Contexts

by Séverine Le Loarne – Lemaire (Editor), Candida G. Brush (Editor), Andrea Calabrò (Editor), Adnane Maâlaoui (Editor)

 The text explores the intersection of family dynamics and women’s entrepreneurship, emphasizing the role of culture, religion, and identity in diverse entrepreneurial contexts.

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6. Wives, Heiresses, Businesswomen: Historical Case Studies of Women’s Changing Roles in Family Businesses

by Bohlau Verlag Koln (Author)

The book presents a historical analysis, showcasing the critical yet often overlooked role women have played in the success of family businesses through various case studies.

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7. Women in Family Business: New Perspectives, Contexts and Roles

by Mary Barrett (Editor), Jolien Huysbrechts (Editor), Jean S.K. Lee (Editor)

This book explores the nuanced role of women in family businesses, integrating themes of gender, culture, and identity into the discussion of family business operations.

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8. A Woman’s Place: The Crucial Roles of Women in Family Business

by A. Dugan (Author), S. Krone (Author), K. LeCouvie (Author), J. Pendergast (Author), D. Kenyon-Rouvinez (Author), Amy M. Schuman (Author)

Through personal stories and interviews, this publication explores the evolving role of women in family businesses, highlighting their challenges and achievements.

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9. Women in Business Families: From Past to Present

By Jarna Heinonen, Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen

The book provides both historical and contemporary perspectives on women’s roles in business families, emphasizing the integration of time and gender in the study of family businesses.

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10. Father-Daughter Succession in Family Business: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

By Paul W. ThurmanRobert S. Nason

Using international case studies, this book examines the growing trend of daughters succeeding fathers in family businesses, focusing on cultural shifts and leadership styles.

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11. The Daughter Also Rises: How Women Overcome Obstacles and Advance in the Family-owned Business

By Anne E. Francis

This book offers guidance and personal accounts for women working in family businesses, discussing the unique dynamics and strategies for success in a familial corporate context.

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12. Uncovering the Hidden Work of Women in Family Businesses: A History of Census Undernumeration

By Lisa Geib-Gunderson

The book critically examines historical census data to reveal the uncounted labor and contributions of women in family businesses throughout the twentieth century.

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13. Women and Leadership Challenges for Daughters Taking Over Family Businesses

By Ulla HyttiJarna Heinonen

This book discusses the challenges and opportunities for daughters stepping into leadership roles within family businesses, with a focus on gender dynamics and succession.

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14. Women in Family Business Leadership Roles: Daughters on the Stage

By Mary BarrettKen Moores

The book investigates the paths women take to leadership in family businesses, analyzing cases from around the world to determine the factors that contribute to their success or obstacles.

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These resources are more than just pages; they are a rallying call for amplifying the voices of women in family enterprises. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, let us continue to seek out and support platforms that raise awareness of women’s achievements and foster the growth of their leadership. Together, by recognising and resourcing women’s thought leadership, we can build an even more inclusive and dynamic business landscape for the future.