Conversations with women about their multiple roles in the family business.

What It’s Like To Work With Your Sister

What It’s Like To Work With Your Sister

In this episode of our WIFB Conversations, Amy Katz speaks to Farida F. El Agamy, General Manager of Tharawat Family Business Forum and Co-Founder of WIFB, and her sister Ramia Marielle El Agamy about what it’s like to work together in the family business, how it changed their relationship, and […]

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Insights Stories for Women in Family Business

With every family business entrepreneurial journey comes a treasure trove of fascinating stories. Some may be funny, some may be heartbreaking while still others may be inspirational. What they all have in common is their ability to educate and illuminate the path for others who come after them. Kim Harland has […]

Vascroft Contractors: A Case Study in Perseverance and Success

Vascroft Contractors: A Case Study in Perseverance and Success

This interview is brought to you by Female Focus, an exclusive international network enabling professional women to meet from, share experiences and build business relationships whilst engaging in interactive experiences. Female Focus was established by Vaishali Shah at Minerva Trust & Corporate Services Limited. If you were assessing their chances from […]

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Bending Steel – MPIL

 Interview with Priyanka Gupta, Executive Director, MPIL, India Indian steel contractor Ashwani Gupta founder always wanted his children to join him in his business. But whether he knew what exponential growth the business would know once his daughter came on board in 2008 is unknown: Priyanka Gupta joined her father’s […]

Utopia. The Timeless Legacy of Pearls

Utopia. The Timeless Legacy of Pearls

Interview with Anna Gaia, CEO of Utopia, Italy Founded less than 15 years ago, high-end Italian jewellery brand Utopia is already known internationally for its beautiful pearl-based pieces. A third-generation family business, Utopia was born out of its 70-year old mother company, Gaia Spa – one of Italy’s leading pearl […]

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SOLARIS – Courage and Agility

Interview with Solange Olszewska, Owner and Co-Founder, Solaris, Poland Solaris is amongst the leading manufacturers of innovative buses, trolleybuses and urban rail vehicles in Europe. The Polish brand has experienced stellar growth since its foundation in 1996. Solaris went from being a single factory with 36 employees to a four-facility […]

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Energy Source: Family Business

Conversation with Patricia Ghany, CFO of Esau Oilfield Supplies Company Limited, Trinidad The coastal expanse of Trinidad and Tobago brings to mind palm trees, idyllic waterfronts; paradise. Just 11 kilometres north of South America, the islands are rumoured to be an inspiration for the legendary adventures of Robinson Crusoe and […]