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Northwestern University

Northwestern University (NU) is a private research university with campuses in Evanston and Chicago in Illinois, United States. Northwestern has 12 undergraduate, graduate and professional schools. It offers 124 undergraduate degrees and 145 graduate and professional degrees. The university was founded in 1851 by John Evans and eight other lawyers, businessmen […]

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Cobblestone Living

Rhonda Steger does not regret leaving a lucrative career in the insurance industry; becoming an entrepreneur has proven just as rewarding. Her leap off the beaten path started small when she opened her own compliance firm, but passion soon drew her even further afield, first to retail and then wholesale. […]

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When in the late 1970s the Iranian Revolution took hold, shoemaker and businessman Rahim Irvani was forced to leave his home country and start over elsewhere. Rahim brought his skills and experience to the USA, placed his hopes in the country’s business-friendly reputation and built the footwear company Okabashi Brands […]

Wheels for Life

Wheels for Life is a platform that facilitates the donation of wheelchairs to disabled people. The mission of Wheels for Life is to reach out to as many deserving beneficiaries through two ways — directly to people who need wheelchairs and cannot afford them and by encouraging and facilitating the […]

Fundación la Cayena

Fundación la Cayena is a non-profit institution that focuses its work on promoting social welfare, education and entrepreneurship projects. With a focus on sustainable development, it aims at improving the quality of life of the communities in the Zona Franca la Cayena.

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Virtual Racing UK

Technology has significantly changed how we approach health and fitness, from phones that count our steps to watches that measure our heart rates, but one thing remains the same: exercising is often perceived as uncomfortable. The desire to avoid discomfort is one of the major hurdles preventing people from adopting […]