Family-owned enterprises are key contributors to economic growth and job creation around the world. But in the face of increased economic, political and environmental uncertainty of the 21st century, how can family enterprises ensure they continue to grow from generation to generation? And more importantly, how can they enable a business and family culture that can transform these challenges into opportunities for the next generation?

Women in Family Business (WiFB) is delighted to announce our new collaboration with world-renowned trusted adviser KPMG Private Enterprise to address these pressing questions. Under the theme ‘Agile Minds: How Enterprising Families Evolve’, WiFB and KPMG Private Enterprise will amplify thought leadership by female leaders that focuses on understanding how family enterprises can build resilience in the face of fast-paced change.

KPMG Private Enterprise has a long-standing track record of excellence in providing support to family enterprises at every stage of their growth. This collaboration is based on a shared vision to highlight the incredible achievements and innovation that women enable and lead in multigenerational businesses and wealth, and to contribute to WiFB’s goal of creating a more gender-balanced conversation around the family enterprise.

A combination of powerful storytelling and thought-provoking expert insights will shed light on key themes such as fostering adaptability, managing adversity, winning mindset shifts and inspired leadership.

About KPMG Private Enterprise

KPMG Private Enterprise is dedicated to working with business families and understands that the nature of a family business is inherently different from a non-family business and requires an approach that considers the family component. No matter where you are in your growth journey – whether you’re looking to reach new heights, embrace technology, plan for an exit, or manage the transition of wealth or your business to the next generation – working with KPMG Private Enterprise, you’ll gain access to trusted advisers who share (RC) your entrepreneurial mindset.


About WiFB

Women in Family Business offers an opportunity to women around the world to share their expertise and insights in matters related to the family enterprise and wealth. With more female wealth owners and leaders contributing to family legacies than ever before, it is of vital importance to hear their voices and learn from their experiences. 

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