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Women continue to break barriers and make crucial contributions to the world’s family-owned enterprises. Their unique perspectives and experiences have transformed entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership. From pioneering company founders to resourceful and inventive executives, the achievements of women are impacting every industry and sector.

As an increasing number of women rightfully assume positions as heirs, executives, investors, and more, it is imperative to emphasize the significance of sharing their strategies and visions for family enterprises. This not only fosters a more balanced conversation but also amplifies the transformative influence that women are exerting within these enterprises.

In this collection of quotes, the wisdom, insights, and stories shared by these incredible women encapsulate the challenges they faced, the triumphs they celebrated, and the lessons they learned along the way.

Here are 12 empowering quotes from women in family businesses:


Image courtesy of Cecily McGuckin

“Leaders will always encounter opinions that don’t align with theirs. But it’s important to give those differing opinions a seat at the table so that decisions can be informed by many points of view.”

Cecily McGuckin, CEO of Queensland Steel and Sheet



Image courtesy of Li Tan

“In a family business, ‘family’ should always be the priority. If you don’t have good relationships in your family business, you will not have a good business.”

Li Tan, Chief Strategy Officer of Asia Green Group, Co-Founder of Rare Whiskey Holdings, and Audacy Ventures



Image courtesy of Shaikha Al Nowais

“Overcoming resistance takes three things: attitude, approach, perseverance.”

Shaikha Al Nowais, Vice President of Owner Relationship Management, Rotana.



Image courtesy of Marina Vaughan Spitzy

“Intentionality is vital. It is extremely helpful for families to intentionally build up their skills, to intentionally talk about what values are important to them and why they’ve chosen the business they have. That’s the thread that connects different generations to each other.”

Marina Vaughan Spitzy, Director and Founder of Tecolote Advisory



Image courtesy of Smruti Sriram

“We encourage quick decision-making and promote an agile mindset. If the first door we open doesn’t help us find a solution, we try another.”

Smruti Sriram, CEO of Supreme Creations/Bag of Ethics



Image courtesy of Meghan Juday

“It’s important to know exactly what you want your board to achieve. I want our board to be a strategic partner with a high level of curiosity and a focus on serving. I want people who are there to serve,
not be served.”

Meghan Juday, Board Chairperson of Ideal Industries



Image courtesy of Joumana Hosri

“We chose to create a strategic partnership with another family business that shared our long-term values rather than a large corporation that might be more focused on short-term profit.”

Joumana Hosri, CEO of Sacotel ZNSHINE



Image courtesy of Meher Pudumjee

“We all have our needs, greed, and ego, but putting those aside is what’s required to bring out
the best in a family business.”

Meher Pudumjee, Thermax Ltd Chairperson



Image courtesy of Sana Jubaili

“You could be doing amazing things but if you don’t communicate them, then you’re not reaping the benefits. Even if it’s something small, communicating your accomplishments feels like a win. It encourages input and buy-in from others that help keep projects moving. Start small, aim big, but make sure you communicate the wins, no matter their size.”

Sana Jubaili, Group HR Director of Jubaili Bros



Image courtesy of Angelina Perryman

“Disruption is how we survived. When I think about how the company was founded, it was built on disruption. That’s something our business has always embraced,
and I think we’ll continue to embrace it.”

Angelina Perryman, Vice President of Administration, Perryman Construction



Image courtesy of Mackey McNeill

“I have always been more focused on prosperity than money. Prosperity can mean money, but it also includes your heart. It means loving what you do and living from the inside out.”

Mackey McNeill, business owner and author of The Prosperity Playbook



Image courtesy of Maissa Abou Adal Ghanem

“It’s very important to look back at your company’s DNA and adopt whatever best practice works for you because that organic approach will be more sustainable in the long run. Then you enhance and enlarge the circle. The more solution providers who share your values, the more it becomes interesting and exciting. Eventually, you might just have the entire world working toward one big initiative.”

Maissa Abou Adal Ghanem, Social Entrepreneur, CSO & Board Member of the HOLDAL Group