Women in Family Business is delighted to announce our new partnership with world-renowned bank Societe Generale — a collaboration that highlights our shared values and passion to promote the interests of private sector leaders who are committed to building and growing sustainable enterprises.

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Our ability to create new platforms for sustainability hinges on diversity.

WIFB has been an advocate of this diversity in the family enterprise niche. Historically, family business narratives were defined by the perspectives of male heirs. But as an unprecedented number of women ascend to wealth ownership and critical decision-making positions, their share of voice is growing more significant. Not only is their influence a marker of progress on the ESG spectrum, their perspectives tell the story of systemic change and show us how we can build family enterprises to last for generations.

Societe Generale Group believes that banks have a key role to play in the positive transformations of the world and the sustainable development of economies.

The Bank has a leading role to play in helping build greener and more inclusive development models, and to enable the emergence of new sustainable growth drivers. Societe Generale is strongly committed to supporting gender diversity through, among other things, the adoption of the UN’s Women Empowerment Principles.

Their adoption of the UN’s Women Empowerment Principles and their pledge to amplify the visibility of sustainable solutions in finance and business stems from the bank’s deep-seated values and commitment to building a better future.

Transformative content is the key to our combined editorial vision and partnership this year: stories about ambitious ESG agendas, inspired leadership, responsible wealth ownership, and of course, the incredible work of women contributing to a better world.

We believe that women in family enterprises, whether through visible roles or behind the scenes, are uniquely positioned to enact ESG agendas.

The long-term thinking and emphasis on collective wellbeing that typifies family enterprise leadership is now more than ever concentrated in the hands of women. Their rise to power means they are untethered by convention and ready to enact change.

Amplifying the voices of women changemakers in family enterprises will have a knock-on effect, redefining what leaders across the spectrum see as possible, and inspiring them to wield change in their respective industries and regions.

This partnership with WIFB was signed with Societe Generale Middle East – DIFC branch, Dubai, UAE.