Happy International Women’s Day! To make this day even more inspiring for everyone out there, we have put together a list of quotes from leading Women (in Family Business) to celebrate!

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Picture Courtesy of Paewai Mullins Shearing Ltd., New Zealand

“Business is much more than just transactions. There are real expectations and contributions that have social, cultural, and environmental consequences. We are nothing but caretakers for the next generation, just like our ancestors were caretakers for what is now our legacy.”

Mavis Mullins, Paewai Mullins Shearing Ltd., New Zealand

Picture Courtesy of Insights

“Men, certainly older generations or even existing generations, realize the benefit of engaging women in the next generation of the family business. They can see that having female family members involved in a family business only improves the business outcomes.”

Kim Harland, Managing Director, Insights, Australia

Chandni Vora
Picture Courtesy of Vascroft Contractors Ltd,

“When I see young women just coming out, I want to tell them don’t be too cut-throat. I know there’s an expectation to have to go out there and be in business like a man, but you need to find this medium where are you understand what makes that man tick in the boardroom while remaining who you are.  Whoever you were when you were in a young enterprise in school or when you were doing some charity work for the local community, is who should be present in the business world.”

Chandni Vora, COO at Vascroft Contractors Ltd, UK

Picture Courtesy of Bodega Tapiz

“I think success for women can’t be confined to just business, it affects many other aspects of your life too. For men, I think it’s easier. For women, if you’re very successful in your business but not with your family or with your kids, I don’t think you will be happy. So women have to look at many more facets of their lives than a man does.”

Patricia Ortiz, CEO at Bodega Tapiz, Argentina

Female Succession in Francophone Africa’s Family Businesses

“I believe that the current generation of young African women has a great responsibility to encourage younger women and girls to consider business careers. Especially, within the field of family businesses. I consider my generation of young female entrepreneurs as a transition between the previous era where we were relatively scarce and the future generation of successful women in business. We are in good shape. We can do it.”

Dr. Leila Bouamatou, Mauritania

Picture Courtesy of MPIL, India

“If you don’t have hobbies you are really not doing everything that you can to improve your business. So many solutions you need for your business lies outside your work day. I feel as a leader you have an obligation to have a life outside the office.”

Priyanka Gupta, Executive Director, MPIL, India

Picture Courtesy of Patricia Velazquez

“It’s all about authenticity, honesty. The reason you win at anything is because you are authentic. Don’t copy anyone else! Find out what it means to be yourself and what you truly believe in. That is your path.“

Patricia Velasquez, Founder, Wayuu Taya, Venezuela

Picture Courtesy of Pisa Orologeria

“Speed is of the essence and sometimes decisions have to be made on the spot. Step one is to understand the opportunities and step two is not to hesitate. This is what allows us to survive.”

 Maristella and Chiara Pisa, Italy

Noor El Solh
Picture Courtesy of Depa

“Be careful about what you say, especially as a family business; your credibility can be destroyed by making announcements that don’t materialise. This will hurt the business and the family. External communication, whether a family business is listed or not, is a very powerful tool to build a brand if it is used wisely and in a consistent manner.”

Noor El Solh, Managing Director Strategy, Depa

Picture Courtesy of Suzy Kanoo

“Being successful has nothing to do with gender.”

Suzy Kanoo, Businesswomen, Bahrain

Jacqueline Lam
Picture Courtesy of Mihaibao

“I don’t think we should generally feel or act differently as women. If you expect to be discriminated against, then you very likely will be – a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just go in and make the deal. It’s a matter of mindset. Of course, you also make sure to be the best at whatever you do.”

Jacqueline Lam, Founder of Mihaibao, UK

Picture Courtesy of Yislamoo

“I think that the most rewarding aspect is not only creating something small and watching it grow but also being part of a bigger circle of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. I read once in an article that creativity is transferred by osmosis and I must concur.”

 Rasha Hamdan, Yislamoo family business partner,  Middle East